Unitized Package Sub-Station
Indoor / Outdoor type - up to 36kV & 2500kVA


Unitized Package Substation (USS) comprises of a single substation factory built package having transformer, HT and LT controls. The safety feature and mandatory requirements are fully complied with USS. Is a fit and forget technology, where the connections are precise, secure & totally enclosed.

Hence no chance for failure, corrosion & losses.


Available In Both Indoor /Outdoor Version

  • Compact & Durable
  • High Performance
  • Aesthetically Superior
  • Safe, as the Transformer used are Dry, Cast Resin Type
  • Fully Compartmentalised, No Accidental Access to Live Parts
  • Variety and choices for MV/LV Switchgear
  • Transportable & Ready to Install
  • Minimum Maintenance


Electricity Board Metering (Optional)

USS can be offered with Tariff (TOD) meter. The CTs & PTs for TOD meter are housed in a separate cubicle with tamper proofsealing arrangement.