Metering Kiosk with isolator
combine unit up to 33KV - MSEDCL Approved


Comparison between Metering Kiosk & Traditional 2/4 Pole Structure

Traditional 2/4 Pole Structure HTS Make Combine Unit
Off Load Operation. On Load Operation
Occupies 60 sq. Meter Space. Occupies Space Only27 Meters.
Separate Meter Room is Required Metering System Inbuilt
Switchgear Exposed to Weather. Switchgear &CT, PT Inside Cubical & Complete Panel is IP55 Tested @ CPRI.
Repair & Fault Finding is difficult during rainy season Easy Rectify & Repair Faults In any season.
Fuse Replacement is Difficult. Replacement of Fuse is Very Easy.
Remote Operation not Possible. Remote Tripping is Possible.
During Operation Sparks Failing on Operator Operation is Positive & away from Operator Eliminator Risk of Sparks.
Structure Aesthetic is Poor. Structure Aesthetics Very Good
Hazards Due to Open Conductor During Electrical Faults. Fire Hazard Due to Electrical Faults are Avoided.
Complete Unit is not Type Tested. Complete Unit is Type Tested.